this is my vow for now:



cold storage

August 30, 2009

Every month it is painful to pay my Storage bill for stuff that grows increasingly vague in its specifics in Brooklyn. Paying for something you already own simply goes against the general evolutionary impulse. But until i can resolve this material snare by going to Brooklyn and reclaiming a minimal subset of these items and dispersing the rest, or by some kind of deus ex machina solution, the lag this task creates only compounds the offense

So I just did it, sent off the check. Each time, it requires moving through an almost physical resistance, in that way, somewhere between dreaming and waking when you try to move, and your limbs do not respond, or rather, all they are is their response, but with no effect. This time, it literally took me two weeks, first to address the envelope, and then today to assemble its contents and mail it. It seems like with these kinds of things, you just have to proceed, however slowly through them.